The Life of Amelia Earhart

by Susan Butler

With her all-American good looks, natural charm, and self confidence, Amelia Earhart captured the hearts of the entire nation after becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in 1928.

Amelia Earhart was a record setting aviator, but also a social worker, author, lecturer, businesswoman, educator, and a tireless promoter of women’s rights. She was thirty nine years old and on a round-the-world flight when she went missing in 1937

On this last flight Amelia Earhart had with her Fred Noonan, a top navigator. No pilot had flown the world at the equator, the longest way around, at 27,000 miles, for a very good reason: it was dangerous. Amelia Earhart said,
“Here was shining adventure.”

East to the Dawn: The Life of Amelia Earhart finally sets the record straight, providing the most comprehensive account to date of Amelia Earhart’s extraordinary life.

East to the Dawn:The Life of Amelia Earhart was an alternate book-of-the-month club selection when it came out in hardcover in 1997. It was published in paperback in 1999 and is on audio tape.

THE WASHINGTON POST SAID “Butler’s biography is certainly the single best book that we now have on Amelia Earhart’s life.

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